Backstage Fotoshooting “Glasses & Jewelry”

This photo shoot was staged under the inspiring theme “Glasses & Jewelry.” Because glasses are much more than mere visual aids; they are – like our jewelry – expressions of the personality and individual style of their wearers. The challenge was to discover the ideal jewelry that not only perfectly complements the glasses but also suits the occasion.

For this unique project, we were able to enlist the renowned expert in image and style, Elisabeth Motsch, as our radiant model. She has been coaching our jewelry consultants for many years, teaching them to pay attention to style, harmony, fashion, and personality criteria during jewelry consultations.

Her presence – characterized by style, elegance, and confidence – perfectly reflected the message we wanted to convey through the successful combination of glasses and jewelry. The harmonious coordination of shapes and colors, a core component of Elisabeth Motsch’s aesthetic understanding, became the key to an impressive masterpiece.

As a trained makeup artist, Elisabeth Motsch took care of her flawless makeup. The skilled photographer and marketing director, Manuela Prossliner Gamper, skillfully directed the shoot and created powerful images that underscored the strong impact of this connection between glasses and jewelry. The jewelry from LA PREZIOSA, Diamond Group, Schmuckwerk and Pesavento  harmonized wonderfully with glasses from Viu, You Mawo, and from Elisabeth Motsch’s private collection.

Behind the scenes, Hannes Gamper and our graphic designer Veronika Drahorad were actively engaged with passionate dedication. They captured the magical moments away from the spotlight, documenting the transformation of glasses and jewelry with their cameras, ensuring a smooth transition between jewelry and glasses.


This photo shoot not only celebrated the aesthetic fusion of glasses and jewelry but also demonstrated that these accessories go far beyond their functional role as visual aids. Boldly and inspired, we encourage daring new combinations of jewelry and glasses.

In collaboration with:

Photo: Manuela Prossliner Gamper
Model: Elisabeth Motsch
Glasses: Viu, You Mawo, Elisabeth Motsch
Make-up: Elisabeth Motsch
Backstage Film & Photo, Assistance: Hannes Gamper, Veronika Drahorad
Idea & Organisation: Manuela Prossliner Gamper

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Behind the scenes: