Privacy Policy

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, hereinafter “EU-Regulation”

Tiroler Goldschmied GmbH constantly seeks to protect the privacy of its users. This document enables you to get to know our privacy policy, so to understand how your personal information is processed when you enjoy our services or buy our products, so to enable you, whenever you are asked to share your personal date through our website (hereinafter “Website”), to make an express and informed decision in respect of our way to process your personal data.

The information and data that you provide when enjoying the services of Tiroler Goldschmied GmbH (e.g.: information requests, purchase of products of Tiroler Goldschmied and additional services, altogether, hereinafter “Services”), will be processed in compliance with the EU-Regulation

With the terms “processing of personal data” we refer to any operation or bundle of operations, carried out by electronic or non-electronic means, relating to the collection, the registration, the organization, the conservation, the consultation, the elaboration, modification, selection, comparison, use, interconnection, the categorization, the communication, the dissemination, the cancellation and the elimination of data, not limited to the case where such data are stored in a data base. We inform you that – depending on your decision on how to use our Services – the personal data we process can consist of text information, images and of any other information capable of identifying the data subject. In compliance with the EU-Regulation, such data processing carried out by Tiroler Goldschmied GmbH will be subject to the principles of forthrightness, permissiveness and transparency and protection of your confidentiality and your rights.


Privacy Policy

  1. Data Controller of personal data
  2. Data Processors of personal data
  3. The personal data processed
    Data relating to website surfing
    b) Data disclosed voluntarily by the user
    c) Special categories of personal data (“sensitive data”)
    d) Cookie
  4. Purposes and modes of data processing
  5. Voluntary disclosure of data
  6. Communication and dissemination of data
  7. Rights of the data subject
  8. How long do we keep your personal information?
  9. Contacts


  1. Data Controller of personal data

The Data Controller of the personal data concerning the Website is Tiroler Goldschmied GmbH, a company registered under Italian laws, with registered address in Italy, 39019 Tirol, Via Castello n. 3, tax identification number 03203840040 (hereinafter “Tiroler” or “Data Controller”), through which the Services are rendered.


  1. Data Processors of personal data

Tiroler avails itself of several third parties who also carry out the processing of personal data, in respect of which Tiroler is the Data Controller. Those third parties act in their capacity of Data Processors, according to art. 28 of the EU-Regulation. Data Processors of Tiroler are e.g. the shipping company (if you buy online), external IT-company (for support and maintenance services), payment provider (if you pay online), the company providing our newsletter software tool and generally the cloud provider.

The list of Data Processors is available at the headquarter of Tiroler or can be requested simply by sending us an email to:

Your data are not transferred outside the EU/EEA.


  1. The personal data processed
    a) Data relating to website surfing

The IT system and the software processes aiming at the functioning of the Website collect, in the normal course of processing, some personal data, that are implicitly transmitted by means of internet communication protocols. Such information is not collected with the scope of associating them to the data subjects. However, given their very nature, such information could allow identification of users, when elaborated and associated with data collected by third parties. In this category of information fall IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the users when accessing the Website, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the requests, the methods used for submitting the requests, the dimension of the files received in response to the requests, the numerical status code of the response given by the server (done, error, ecc.) and other parameters in respect of the operative system and the IT environment of the user. Such data are only used with the aim to collect anonymous statistical information relating to the Website and to control its correct functioning, to identify anomalies and / or abuses, and will be cancelled immediately after elaboration. Such data may be stored for a maximum of seven days in order to investigate on cyber-crime which may damage the Website or third parties.

b) Data disclosed voluntarily by the user

When using specific Services (e.g. the form “contact”) the processing of personal data of third parties could occur, data which you communicate to Tiroler. In respect of such eventuality, you are informed that you are the sole data controller, and you are fully responsible, according to applicable privacy law. In such cases, you are fully responsible and liable for any contestation, claim, request for damages, relating to an eventually illegal processing of data, which third parties may direct against Tiroler. In any event, whenever you process personal data of third parties while using the Services of the Website, you guarantee – and assume liability – that you received from such third party all legally required permissions to process such data.

c) Special categories of personal data (“sensitive data”)

Whenever you send questions or requests to Tiroler, you may transfer personal data, that are sensible data, according to article 9 of the EU-Regulation, with particular reference to data that are suitable to reveal body measurements (e.g. if we got to know your ring dimension), or – in very rare cases – data relating to health (e.g. if you have a whole in the earlobe). We do not process other special categories of personal data, such as racial and ethnical information, religious, philosophical, political or other opinions, membership in political parties, unions, religious, philosophical, political associations or organizations and unions, and other personal data concerning sexual orientation or the status of health. We warmly invite you to NOT publish such sensitive data, if not strictly necessary, and only after having informed us previously over the phone.

 d) Cookie

– Definition, characteristics and statutory application

Cookie are small text files that are sent by website you visited and stored on your computer or mobile phone. These files are than sent back to such websites at your next visit. Thanks to cookie a website memorizes the user´s actions and preferences (e.g. login data, preferred website language, font dimension, other visual preferences, etc.), to avoid that the user has to input such preferences every time he visits the website. Thus, cookie, are used for IT authentication, session monitoring and memorizing information relating to the user activities while surfing, and can contain a unique identifying code that traces the surf activities of the user inside a given website for statistical and promotional purposes. During a website visit, it is also possible that cookie of third parties (so-called “third-party-cookie”) are stored on the user´s computer. At the other hand, some functions/operations of a website may not be available without cookie, in which case such cookie are called technical cookie.


Depending on the characteristics and functions, there are several types of cookie, that can be stored on the user´s computer or mobile device for different periods of time: so-called session cookie, are automatically cancelled when closing the browser; so-called persistent cookie, remain on the computer or mobile device up until a certain time.


According to Italian law, the use of cookie does not always require express consent of the user. For instance, technical cookie, used for the sole purpose to effect transmission of a communication through an electronic communication net, or if strictly necessary for the functioning of services requested explicitly by the user. Such cookies are – in other words – indispensable for the functioning of the website or necessary for running explicit requests of the user.


Among technical cookie, in respect of which there is no express user authorization required, the Italian authority for the protection of personal data (cfr. provision Individuazione delle modalità semplificate per l’informativa e l’acquisizione del consenso per l’uso dei cookie, as of May 8th, 2014, hereinafter “Provision“) lists the following:


  • “cookie analytics”, as long as such cookie are used by the website administrator for collecting aggregate information on the number of users and on how they use the website,


  • session cookie (for authentication),


  • functional cookie, that allow the user to surf on the basis of selected criteria (such as e.g. language, products selected for purchase) so to improve the service for the user.


In respect of the use of profiling cookie, at the other hand, meaning those cookie that create user profiles for promotional purposes in order to send promotional messages in line with the preferences revealed by the user while surfing on the web, a specific and preventive consent is required by the user.


– Types of cookie used by the Website

The Website used the following types of cookie and makes available to the user the option to deactivate them. As regards to third-party-cookie, the user can deactivate them directly through the means made available and accessible through a link:

  • Third-party-cookie, means, cookie of websites or webservers different from those of Tiroler, used for purposes of such third-parties (including profiling cookie). You are informed that such third-parties, shown hereinafter with respective hyperlinks to their respective privacy policies, do operate in respect of personal data collected by them as autonomous data controllers. Thus, for such third-party-cookie, the user must choose the extent to which they can process personal data according to their personal data policies, information and modes of consent collection (activation or deactivation of respective cookie). In addition, we inform you that in respect of Google Analytics cookie, we have made sure that certain instruments have been adapted so to reduce the scope of identification of mentioned cookie, through hiding of a significant part of the IP address. Furthermore, use of such cookie has been made by Google in such a way as to use them exclusively for the making available of the service, to store them separately, with the assurance to not merge them with other information in the possession of Google. Users can also prevent the collection of the data generated by the cookie and related to their use of the online offer to Google, as well as the processing of this data by Google, by downloading and installing the browser plugin available at the following link:


Hereinafter a list of the third-party-cookie and respective privacy information (as requested by the Provision):







– How to visualize and modify cookie through one’s own browser

The user can chose which cookie to authorize following the specific procedures outlined in the section Impostazioni relative ai cookie, and authorize, block or cancel (part or all of it) the cookie through specific functions in its browser: however, in case all or some cookie are deactivated it may result in severe dysfunction of the Website or of specific Services, that as a consequence, may not be available or not work properly anymore and / or the user may be required to modify or insert manually some information or preferences every time he surfs on the Website.

For obtaining further information on how to apply the user´s preferences relating to the use of cookie through one´s browser, it is possible to find respective information as follows:


Settings in relation to cookie

Denial of authorization relating to third-party-cookie will not have an impact on the functioning of the Website; however, being such cookie sent exclusively by third parties, and having the Website administrator no control over the operation of said cookie on the computer of the user, denial of authorization is only possible by accessing to the respective modules made available by such third parties, if available, or by changing the settings of the user´s browser. The user can find the hyperlinks to the privacy policies and eventually the modules for the collection of the consent for acceptance of cookie operated by third parties through the section Tipologie di cookie utilizzate dal Sito provided on the Website.

The user´s preferences in respect of cookie are set back to default settings, in case the user accesses the Website through different devices or browsers.


  1. Purposes and legal basis of data processing

Your personal data are used for the following purposes:

  1. a) enable the making available of the Services requested by the user and afterwards the autonomous operation of the control panel, to which you can access by means of registration and creation of a user profile at the time of provision of Services, including the collection, storage and elaboration of the data aimed at carrying out the Services, from an operational, technical and administrative point of view. In addition, collection, storage and elaboration of data aim at carrying out correspondence between the user and Tiroler (legal basis: contract);
  2. b) comply with legal, accounting and tax duties (legal basis: legal obligation);
  3. c) send you promotional communications via email in respect of products or services analogous to those you already bought (so-called soft opt-in) (in which case your consent is not required); however, you can oppose yourself against when registering, and any time later, during correspondence (legal basis: legitimate interest).
  4. d) with your preventive consent, submit promotional material, commercial information via e-mail or via sms, through our newsletter software application and / or through the official social media of Tiroler (legal basis: consent);
  5. e) with your preventive consent, elaborate studies, researches, and market statistics (legal basis: consent).

Your personal data will be processed with or without automated instruments, for the time strictly necessary to obtain the perceived purposes for which such data have been collected.


  1. Voluntary disclosure of data

Limited to data processing, as per law, the making available of data is voluntary. However, eventually missing personal data may result in impossibility to render services requested. In addition, the making available of personal such for data elaboration, studies, researches, and market statistics; submission of promotional material, commercial information or surveys (see point 4 above) is optional; respective consent is not obligatory. Should you intend to decline authorization of the processing of your data for marketing purposes through one of the means mentioned above, in point 4, you can communicate such decline at any time, via e-mail to privacy@


  1. Communication and dissemination of data

Your personal data can be communicated to:

  1. a) persons, companies or professionals that provide legal, financial, administrative and accounting assistance and consultancy to Tiroler and payment collection services in respect of the Services you requested;
  2. b) entities, persons or authorities in relation to which there is a legal obligation to communicate your personal data, according to applicable law or based on an order of court;
  3. c) persons and/or entities designated by Tiroler to carry out activities strictly related to the provision of the Services or with whom it is necessary to interact for the provision of the Services (e.g., the entities who provide payment services through credit card, entities who provide transportation services, cloud provider, newsletter software provider, etc.);
  4. d) entities designated and / or entrusted by Tiroler to carry out technical support service.

The list of Data Processors is available at the headquarter of Tiroler or can be requested simply by sending us an email to:


7. Rights of the data subject

You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not data in question is being processed and to obtain information about it, as well as further information and a copy of the data.

You have the right to request the completion of the data concerning you or the correction of incorrect data concerning you.

You have the right to request that data concerning you be deleted immediately or, alternatively, to request that the processing of the data be restricted.

You have the right to request that the data concerning you which you have provided us with be received and to request that they be communicated to other responsible parties.

You have the right to object to the collection of your personal data at any time. Furthermore, you can revoke a previously given consent to data processing at any time. Furthermore, if you believe that your data have not been processed according to applicable law, you can inquire at any time with the supervisory authority (


8. How long do we keep your personal information?

We keep your personal information to enable your continued use of Services, for as long as it is required in order to fulfil the relevant purposes described in this Privacy Notice, as may be required by law such as for tax and accounting purposes, or as otherwise communicated to you. For example, we retain your transaction history so that you can review past purchases (and repeat orders if desired) and what addresses you have shipped orders to.


9. Contacts

For any information request or for request relating to art. 7 of this Privacy Policy, you may contact Tiroler by simply sending an e-mail to: