Pearl jewelry – timeless and elegant

We would like to offer you a few tips on how to care for your pearl jewelry.

Pearl jewelry is considered to be timeless and elegant. In order to enjoy your jewelry made of cultivated pearls for a long time to come please consider the following advice.

Pearls are delicate natural products. To keep your pearl jewelry in the best possible shape and to display its full beauty, the pearls demand special care, careful storage and from time to time cleaning. A pearl necklace, however, needs different cleaning than earrings or pendants. Regular wear does not damage your pearls. On the contrary – the body heat, the light moisture, and the sleekness of your skin prevent the pearl from parching. Please avoid intensive contact with cosmetics of all kinds. The small treasures of the sea love the spotlight – please do everything to take care of your pearls and to present them in the proper light.

You can clean your pearls easily and quickly by wiping them with a slightly damp, soft cloth after wear. Rings and pendants with pearls (pearl jewelry that is not knotted) can be cleaned in lukewarm water with a mild detergent, e.g. baby shampoo. For cleaning a pearl necklace refrain from frequent waterbaths, because the silk laces may become brittle. Avoid contact with abrasive cleansers. These might scratch the surface and damage the unique pearl luster.

Knotted pearl jewelry, like bracelets and chains may be beaded anew up to once a year. Depending on the wear and tear usually maintenance every two to three years is enough. During maintenance the pearls are thoroughly cleaned and beaded and knotted with a new silk lace. Margareth and Brigitte are our in-house specialists who do this job with great dedication.

Complete your hair and make-up styling before you put on your pearl jewelry as the finishing touch. Warmth, dry air, and styling products damage your pearls just like perfume and eau de toilette. Please refrain from wearing your pearls when you are on strong prescription drugs like antibiotics. The chemicals in your sweat may damage the pearls. This also holds true for gemstone jewelry like corals, lapis lazuli, turquoises and malachites.

Please store pearl jewelry separate from other kinds of jewelry – do not loosely put pearls into your jewelry box together with gemstones and precious metals.