The no-fuss allrounder

A clip can transform your piece of jewelry as a pendant on your necklace or with a colorful gem as an eyecatcher on your bracelet.

From sporty, in highly polished white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, to elegantly worn as a fully adorned diamond clip, this uncomplicated all-rounder adapts perfectly to your wardrobe and the respective situation.

Usable on silk bracelets or leather bracelets from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, or as an addition to a Fope Flex it bracelet: the clip enchants your favorite piece of jewelry.

Clips also awaken the collecting passion within us. They are often combined side by side on gold bracelets. For those who seek something more unique, wearing their gemstone clip asymmetrically hooked onto a hoop earring or as an intermediate piece on a long necklace is an option. This turns it into a modern Y-necklace. In the online shop of Tiroler Goldschmied, there’s something for everyone…


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