Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry – Nature’s true gift

The Persians believed pearls to be the tears of the gods. In former times, pearls were virtually priceless and more valuable than diamonds, because men only came across them by chance. Nowadays, pearls are cultivated, yet they remain a natural marvel. Pearl oysters only thrive in absolutely clean waters.

Pearl jewelry is a timeless classic. The diversity of the gem of the seas is unbelievable. New cultivations provide us with various color shades, shapes and sizes. By the way: The white or golden South Sea pearl is the most expensive one, followed by the dark Tahiti pearl and the white akoya pearl. Freshwater cultivated pearls are very reasonably priced.

Your jeweler, Tiroler Goldschmied, crafts white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold together with pearls, diamonds, and gemstones into beautiful, modern, and timeless pieces of jewelry. Whether it’s a ring, pendant, subtle earrings, or pearl necklaces, you will surely find your pearl jewelry with us. Let yourself be inspired on our online shop.

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