Determine your bracelet length

The right bracelet length for your wrist

You can easily determine your bracelet length with a measuring tape. Simply put the tape around your wrist, where you want to wear your jewelry. In place of a measuring tape you may also use some lace or cord. Tag the place where the ends overlap and measure the length with a ruler. Please make sure not to wear the bracelet too tightly or too loosely to avoid loss of jewelry and unpleasant pressure marks on your wrist. As a rule of thumb your little finger should fit between the measure tape and your wrist – Thus you play it safe.

You can also determine your bracelet length digitally.


Measuring units for bracelet lengths by Fope, Pesavento and Marco Bicego

In the following you find a conversion from centimeters to the measuring units S / M / L / XL. Please bear in mind that these are just rough guidelines and you need to find out your perfect length individually:

Company FOPE:
S = 16-17 cm
M = 17,5-19 cm
L = 19,5-21 cm
XL = 21,5-23 cm
S = 17 cm
M = 18,5 cm
L = 21 cm
XL = 23 cm
Company BICEGO:
S = 15-16 cm
M = 17-18,5 cm
L = 19-22 cm