Determine your bracelet length or wrist watch size

The right bracelet length or watch size for your wrist

You can easily determine your bracelet length or wrist watch size with a measuring tape. Simply put the tape around your wrist, where you want to wear your jewelry. In place of a measuring tape you may also use some lace or cord. Tag the place where the ends overlap and measure the length with a ruler. Please make sure not to wear the bracelet or watch too tightly or too loosely to avoid loss of jewelry and unpleasant pressure marks on your wrist. As a rule of thumb your little finger should fit between the measure tape and your wrist – Thus you play it safe.

You can also determine your bracelet length digitally.


Measuring units for bracelet lengths by Fope, Pesavento, Marco Bicego and our fine jewellery brand La Preziosa

In the following you find a conversion from centimeters to the measuring units S / M / L / XL. Please bear in mind that these are just rough guidelines and you need to find out your perfect length individually:

S = 16-17 cm
M = 17,5-19 cm
L = 19,5-21 cm
XL = 21,5-23 cm
S = 17 cm
M = 18,5 cm
L = 21 cm
XL = 23 cm
S = 15-16 cm
M = 17-18,5 cm
L = 19-22 cm
XS = 15 cm
S = 17 cm
M = 18,5 cm
L = 21 cm
XL = 23 cm


Watch strap

The adjustment of the watch strap with metal links is done according to your individual preferences. Link bracelets can be adjusted to your specific measurements to some extent by removing links. Depending on the type and thickness of the links, we can adjust the watch strap to approximate your preferences. Please provide us with the exact size of your wrist as you have measured it when placing the order. We will trim the strap to the desired size as accurately as possible. The excess links will be included with the watch. If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal. Simply contact us via email at