Determine your necklace length

The perfect necklace length for your outfit

Your necklace ideally fits your outfit perfectly. You need to consider more than the type of chain and the pendant you intend to wear – the chain length is pivotal for a harmonious overall impression.

Your physique, the girth of your neck, your neckline, and your dress are decisive when it comes to the right necklace length. Some pearl necklaces are shorter and embrace the neck tightly, creating a highly elegant impression. If you want to draw attention to your neckline and cleavage, a longer necklace is perfect. Extra-long necklaces worn on top of your clothing are perfect for an extravagant look. Please find hereafter a few recommendations on how to determine the perfect necklace length:


  • Group 1: Short necklaces
    from 39-40 cm
  • Group 2: Medium-length necklaces
    from 40-50 cm
  • Group 3: Long necklaces
    from 50-70 cm
  • Group 4: Extra-long necklaces
    from 70-ca. 120 cm


Measuring the length of your necklace
Take a necklace from your jewelry box that has the desired length for the outfit you intend to wear and measure it. In case you do not own a suitable necklace, take a piece of lace and put it around your neck. The perfect length is where the necklace hits your neckline. Please bear in mind that a medallion lengthens your necklace.

Short necklaces (39-42 cm)
Short necklaces are worn close to your neck and are very elegant. They are perfect for round, small, and high-cut necklines. Moreover, they are perfect for slim necks. Allow them to end slightly below the dimple between your collarbones to further lengthen your neck and make it look nice and slim.

Medium-length necklaces (40-50 cm)
This is the all-time favorite length for necklaces and enjoys great popularity. These necklaces usually end above the neckline and are perfect for wearing pendants. The length needs to match the neckline perfectly and the necklace must not be hidden by the neckline, otherwise it would fail to have the desired effect.

Long necklaces (50-70 cm)
You cannot go wrong with long necklaces, because they are always suitable thanks to their length reaching the middle of your cleavage. They allow a small or broad neck to appear longer and slimmer. Long necklaces are ideal for pendants, which they turn into a true eye catcher.

Extra-long necklaces (more than 70 cm)
Extra-long necklaces are destined for the grand entrance. You may vary them in a virtuoso manner by arranging them in several layers around the neck, allowing them to bounce freely, wearing them in Y-shape or adding a pendant for extra glamor. What about a one-meter length necklace, worn in double layers and combined with a kerchief? You may also adorn the multiple necklace layers with the charms of a bracelet. You see: There are no limits to creativity.

Necklace knowledge
Jewelers and goldsmiths have coined terms to distinguish different necklace lengths. We collected a few of these terms for your convenience:

choker: 35-43 cm
princess: 40-42 cm
matinee: 50-60 cm reaching slightly below your collarbone
opera: 70-85 cm
rope: 115 cm, worn in double layers, short at the neck and long on top of the neckline