How do I create a fingerprint?

Your Tiroler Goldschmied instruction

We show you how to create the perfect fingerprint for a laser engraving at home.

Step one: You need a white sheet of paper and a pencil with a very soft pencil lead (ideally B2). Draw a 3 to 4 square centimeters large patch to rub your finger in. Your fingertip should be well covered in pencil lead dust.

Step two: Take a transparent adhesive strip and put it onto your fingertip with the pencil lead dust. Carefully take the adhesive strip off and stick it to a white sheet of paper. You should be able to clearly see the structure of your fingerprint. Please take several imprints and choose the best one.

Step three: Scan your fingerprint at 600 dpi and email it to You may also send it per mail to Tiroler Goldschmied GmbH, Schlossweg 3, 39019 Dorf Tirol, Italy.

Each piece of jewelry thus becomes a unicum, ideal for childbirth, christening, Holy Communion, confirmation, graduation or as a token of love.

For any questions please contact as at