Diamond-studdet falconhoods

Unique design for graceful falcons

In September of 2010, we astonished the United Arab Emirates with a brand new technology. Using a special tool, we can take the falcon hoods for the sheik’s favorite bird and adorn them with precious stones worked right into the leather, while also applying an individual logo. These extraordinary hoods attracted considerable attention, and this worldwide innovation generated a lot of buzz in the international community.

Falcons have a very high prestige in this part of the world. They appear in the emblem of Abu Dhabi and are viewed as members of the family. The majestic falcon, a predatory bird, is a symbol of freedom, pride, and rank. These noble animals are given loving care and showered with attention. The photographer Manuela Prossliner has succeeded in capturing spectacular images of these diamond-encrusted falcon hoods amidst the sand dunes of Dubai. The gracefulness of these majestic animals enthralled us, too, from the very first moment. Each hood is an exclusive piece, and is created according to the demanding customer’s personal suggestions!

Adorning falcon hoods

Perfect craftsmanship

The precious stones are set flush by hand with the surface of the leather using a special tool. Depending upon the customer’s specific wishes, these precious stones can be placed in a pattern, within an emblem, or to form initials. Their extraordinary design and precise execution have won the admiration of many far beyond the country’s borders.

Luxury accessories for falcons – enchanting beauty from "1001 Nights"

Diamond-encrusted falcon hoods from Italy / South Tyrol.

Individual falcon hoods

Unique, mysterious, and as graceful as falconry itself

The falcon hoods are made of soft, flexible leather with a smooth inside surface. The well-known hood manufacturer Giancarlo Pirrotta uses only high-quality leather. Depending upon the client’s specific wishes, ostrich leather, lizard, rayskin, crocodile, or stag leather is used.

In our studio, we transform your falcon hood into a precious, incomparable work of art. Our services include the creation of falcon pouches or falconry gloves with your personal initials or family crest. We can also transform your falconry accessories into high-quality, individual creations!


Media reactions

Einzigartiges Design Made in Südtirol

Our diamond-encrusted falcon hoods were first shown in 2010 in Abu Dhabi, at the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX). They were a colossal success. A worldwide innovation, they garnered international interest. Glossy magazines from far and near reported on the new technique and the stunning falcon hoods created by the Tiroler Goldschmied studio. Falconry enjoys a long tradition in Arab countries, and the elegant falcon hoods from South Tyrol garnered unalloyed praise and admiration from every corner!