Meister Jewellery

Excellence & unparalleled hand craftsmanship for the highest demands – MEISTER

The Swiss traditional brand MEISTER Jewelry is one of Europe’s leading wedding ring and jewelry manufacturers. Its high-end products dazzle with the utmost quality and both the men’s and women’s collections convey the company’s passion for sophisticated design.

We carry – exclusively in Italy – a carefully selected assortment of jewelry by this master designer. Our array of products includes both wedding bands, the finest women’s jewelry, powerful jewelry for men, rings and bracelets made from the finest materials. Gold, titanium, platinum and even meteorite are arranged in unique and expressive creations.

High-end materials and a craftsmanship full of tradition guarantee high wearing comfort. All used precious metals originate from recycled resources. Browse around our Tiroler Goldschmied online store and be inspired by this extraordinary manufacture’s exquisite creations.


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