A glamorous tiara

The crowning moment for the silver jubilee

In celebration of the 25-year anniversary of the “Zett”-Miss South Tyrol beauty pageant we at Tiroler Goldschmied were entrusted with the honorable task of creating an entirely new and special tiara. Inspired by our South Tyrolean mountain peaks we designed a youthful, vibrant tiara mirroring the elegance of the young South Tyrolean lady. Now 205 zirconia in in brilliant cut and Miss South Tyrol try to outshine each other with their sparkle and glamour. A true eye catcher all in silver.

Zett Miss Südtirol 2017 Bettina Manfra bekommt den ersten Anhänger.

What happened to the old tiara?

24 Missen - 24 Anhänger

Since every former Miss South Tyrol has to part heavy-heartedly with her beloved tiara after one year, we came up with a wonderful idea. We disassembled the discarded tiara and gifted the former beauty pageant winners each with a pendant made from the remaining material.

Dieser Anhänger wurde aus einem Teil der alten Krone gefertigt.