High Jewelry

Masterfully crafted unique pieces

Our proprietary “LA PREZIOSA – High Jewelry” collection is comprised of extraordinary items embodying the highest standards of jewelry design. All of our items of jewelry are one-of-a-kind. This collection reflects our intimate understanding of design. That together with our use of the finest materials are what give this collection its unmistakable character and unique flair.

We have a passion for jewelry, and are always on the look-out for something special. We are committed to the use of fine materials – a commitment, combined with a fine sense of aesthetics, which we fulfill on a daily basis on behalf of our clients. Come and discover our individually-designed jewelry – each item is a masterpiece.

La Preziosa - ring with southsea pearl, gold, diamonds

A touch of luxury

Exclusive jewelry

Come discover with us the generously designed items of jewelry belonging to the “High Jewelry” collection. Carefully selected, elegant, and rare materials play an important role in their creation. Precious stones, pearls, and diamonds are combined to form stunningly beautiful, individually-crafted pieces of jewelry. You’ll be dazzled by our concepts.