Eagle hoods and silver falcon hoods

The finest goldsmith work

A falcon and eagle hood made entirely of silver and gold. The hood displays fine details worked in precious metals with the greatest precision. Each individual feather was reproduced in great detail using the latest 3-D technology. Objects of art meeting such high demands require the very highest level of goldsmith skill. These objects of art evoke the amazement and applause of every collector. They display gracefulness and elegance, and are a joy for their owners.

Silver falcon hoods

Präzise Raffinesse und edle Metalle

Through the use of innovative and aesthetically pleasing 3-D visualizations and models, we create unique masterpieces. Sophisticated technologies and the latest equipment enable us to venture forth into unexplored territory and create incomparable works of art. This high-performance design and execution are responsible for our advancing to become one of the most-respected addresses for special assignments.