Hunting Jewelry

Handmade, modern traditional garb and hunting jewelry

With contours and modern designs that make them timeless and appropriate for every occasion. Since 2009, we’ve been designing our own Hunting jewelry collection. South Tyrol has a rich culture with many time-honored traditions – the wearing of traditional peasant garb and hunting attire is only one of them. We honor these traditions, and regard ourselves as trailblazers in the design of modern jewelry.

A lot of passion and commitment goes into the creation of every item of exclusive, high-quality and customized jewelry. Each piece is unique, is surrounded by an aura of mystery, and embodies the qualities of gracefulness, beauty, and the excitement of the hunt! We can also transform your trophies and accessories into customized, one-of-a-kind works of art.

With a commitment to tradition

Enhanced hunting trophies

Stag horn & trophy jewelry

Our modern interpretations of hunting jewelry – for both gentlemen and ladies – include carven antler rings, ornamental trophies, and gilded horns. Our fine sense of aesthetics can be seen in the diamond-encrusted falcon hoods and Arab curved daggers we’ve made. With customized hunting jewelry and jeweled traditional garb, you, too, can express your passion for hunting and the great outdoors.