Funky Stars Collection – Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Discover a sky full of diamonds

The Funky Stars collection from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen invites you on a breathtaking adventure into the world of sparkling luxury. Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and exclusivity, where every piece of jewelry tells a story. The Funky Stars collection presents a range of exquisite earrings and earring pendants set with dazzling diamonds. These jewels are more than just accessories – they are an expression of your personality and style.

Each piece in this collection is handcrafted from 18 carat yellow gold and enchants with an abundance of diamonds in different sizes. Diamonds in carefully selected sizes ranging from 2,9 mm to 0,5 mm are meticulously arranged in a diamond pavé setting giving rise to the star’s astonishingly sharp features. Forming the characteristic sparkling tips of the star points, are the smallest diamonds ever incorporated in the brand’s designs. Like all brilliantcut diamonds, they are shaped by 57 facets requiring extraordinary artisanal finesse. Because of their unusual size, these tiny diamonds are exceptionally complex to handle and require a special, intricate cutting technique. Step into a universe of wonder and find your favorite combination.


The Funky Stars are more than just pieces of jewelry – they are works of art created by renowned jewelry designer Charlotte Lynggaard. Their angular lines and intense brilliance are reminiscent of glittering stardust and the timeless glamor of the universe. The history of Funky Stars is characterized by innovation and craftsmanship. New, intricate techniques bring these jewels to life and reveal their unique beauty. Each piece is made up of several layers of diamonds and boasts a multi-dimensional structure that delights with extraordinary sparkle – a truly sparkling diamond wonder.

Funky Stars

Step into this universe of wonders and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the Funky Stars. Find your favorite combination and let your personal style shine with these fascinating jewels. Welcome to the world of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, where luxury and elegance merge in a unique way.

Make a wish for a funky shooting star from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen!

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