Tamara Comolli

Exclusive jewelry combining joi de vivre & casual naturalness

A unique combination of colors blended with lightness and a pinch of casual playfulness are the hallmarks of these unmistakable items of jewelry belonging to the Tamara Comolli collection.

The collections offer a stunning array of gemstone choices and design options, allowing you to create unique and personalized jewelry pieces. Whether you prefer the elegance of the Bouton collection or the vibrant allure of the Gypsy line, Tamara Comolli offers something exquisite for every jewelry enthusiast.

Tamara herself describes her style as “barefoot luxury.” You will find no standardized models here. Rather the collection is characterized by a creative interplay of colors and materials. The playful designs can be individually combined – let your fantasy run wild and discover the colorful story of  Comolli jewelry!


Discover the enchanting BOUTON collection, inspired by the French word "bouton" for "button". The round shapes and classic cabochons, combined with sparkling diamonds, precious sapphires, spinels, and tsavorites, create radiant colors. The exclusive rings, earrings and bracelets blend timeless elegance with irresistible charm.
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Discover the fascinating Mikado collection - a true explosion of colors and shapes! Sparkling pendants, exclusive necklaces, enchanting earrings and magical bracelets. Over 30 cone-cut gemstones shine in an unparalleled variety of colors. Versatile for everyday wear and special occasions, fitting every style and moment. Let yourself be inspired by endless combinations.
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Welcome to the enchanting world of the Tamara Comolli Gypsy collection, where Bohemian style meets timeless elegance. Discover versatile jewelry silhouettes such as bangles, pendants, rings and hoops, surprisingly combinable and crafted with love for detail. Dive into this fascinating journey adorned with sparkling diamonds, colorful sapphires, and precious tsavorites that captivate.
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Discover the Signature Collection - inspired by the love for the ocean and flowing forms. Each design exudes pure elegance and offers a comfort of wear like silk. Delicate Diamond Pavé embellishments and 18K gold make every jewelry piece shine. Enhance your collection with timeless necklaces and pendants.
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Dive into the fascinating world of the Tamara Comolli India collection - a masterpiece of exotic elegance. Each piece is a tribute to the beauty of India, crafted from precious woods, hand-carved artworks, shimmering pearls, and rare materials like coral and turquoise. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants are waiting to become your personal treasures, expressing the beauty and mystique of India.
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