LA PREZIOSA Aida collection – Sensual jewelry with allure

Aida – the world-famous Italian opera by Verdi tells of a stunning Ethiopian princess and a tragic love story. The emotional rollercoaster and the thrilling story of a brave woman inspired this dynamic and feminine collection.
Designer Hannes Gamper and his wife Manuela are great opera aficionados and regularly attend the most renowned opera festivals. Aida – written by famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi – is a must and inspired Hannes Gamper to create the dainty and feminine collection made of 18-carat recycled yellow gold and rose gold.
Our LA PREZIOSA Aida collection is dedicated to the brave and powerfull women of our time. The modern lady is always on the move, versatile, independent and confident. She loves to underline her vibrance and femininity with modern jewelry.
Greek philosopher Heraclitus coined the term “panta rhei – everything flows”, which perfectly captures the essence of this collection. The golden pieces of our Aida collection are characterized by its movable elements and the interplay of differently sized parts. The small golden platelets dance in the air and move with each movement of their wearer.


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