Discover the breathtaking Aria Collection by Fope – an ode to lightness and elegance.

Aria, the Italian word for “air,” embodies precisely what sets this collection apart: airy and lightweight pieces of jewelry that embrace you like a gentle breeze.
The Aria collection includes a beautiful selection of earrings and necklaces in different lengths and varieties that perfectly complement your personality and individual style. The three gold colors are mixed and matched with each other, and the gold cylinders are set with white or black diamonds and are enjoyed by both men and women.
With the lasso style Y-shaped chains, the gold cylinder can be moved up and down.
The Y-shape of the chains will add subtle elegance to your outfit while attracting admiring glances.
Very special is also the 90cm-long chain: it is a novelty from Fope, which until now has always made only necklaces in a length of 40 to 45cm
The Aria Collection by Fope is also characterized by its flexibility. The jewelry pieces gently adapt to the contours of your body, offering a comfortable and perfect fit. They are ideal for everyday wear or special occasions where you want to express your femininity and individual style.
Experience the feeling of lightness and luxury with the Aria Collection by Fope. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Italian jewelry and be enchanted by the timeless beauty and unmatched charm of this airy collection.
Showcase your unique personality and individual style with the Aria Collection by Fope.


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