LA PREZIOSA Baia Collection – A jewelry collection inspired by the sunken city of Baiae

The LA PREZIOSA “Baia” collection is a tribute to the submerged city of Baiae, created by jewelry designer Hannes Gamper. Inspired by the rich cultural and historical treasures of this ancient city, this collection presents an exquisite selection of earrings, pendants, clips, and rings.
The beauty and elegance of the collection are reflected in the use of gemstones such as coral, mother-of-pearl, and turquoise, evoking the fascinating underwater world of Baiae and giving the jewelry a touch of mystery and depth. Each piece of the Baia collection is meticulously framed with sparkling diamonds, accentuating the beauty of the gemstones and adding extra brilliance. The combination of vibrant colors and radiant sparkle creates a unique and captivating allure.
LA PREZIOSA’s Baia collection invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Baiae and be inspired by its rich heritage. The artistic craftsmanship and attention to detail make each piece of jewelry a true masterpiece. Dive into the lost city of Baiae and let yourself be enchanted by the timeless beauty of LA PREZIOSA’s Baia collection. Carry a piece of history and elegance with you, and let your personality shine.


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