The Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen “Blooming” collection is a tribute to the onset of a new season, illustrating the tranquility of nature on the verge of blossoming. Depicting the eternal circle of life, this collection features handcrafted rings and pendants made from delicate 18kt gold branches and flower buds adorned with various gemstones.
Each piece in the Blooming collection is a masterpiece of artistry, capturing the beauty and delicacy of nature. The exquisite gemstones, including moonstone, tourmaline, coral, pearl, or diamond pavé, add a touch of luxury, color, and brilliance to the designs.
Designed by the renowned jewelry designer Charlotte Lynggaard, this collection showcases her creative vision and attention to detail. Her designs tell a story of growth, transformation, and the inherent beauty found in each new chapter of life.
The Blooming collection by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen invites you to celebrate nature in its most beautiful and promising form. Wear a ring or pendant from this collection and be inspired by the power and elegance of nature. Immerse yourself in a world of blooming splendor and experience the magic of new beginnings embodied in this exquisite jewelry collection.


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