LA PREZIOSA Coin collection – mysterious jewelry that guides us

Early finds of coins date back to the year 2000 BC and depict pet miniatures made of bronze. To the present day, coins are a global payment method that tell the story of their country of origin. Their diversity is unlimited, thus rendering coins a beloved collector’s item.
Designer Hannes Gamper loves to travel. As a true South Tyrolean he enjoys “la dolce vita” at home, yet from time to time wanderlust makes him explore alien lands. In 2019, Hannes and his wife traveled to Marrakesh and discovered beautiful coins in the Djemaa el Fna market. The historical relevance and the beauty of the coins that went through the hands of a whole people inspired Hannes to create a new collection.
Our LA PREZIOSA Coin collection transforms coins into precious pieces of jewelry that capture memories for eternity. The compass that adorns all pieces from this collection guides and grounds us. The coins are set in 18-carat gold that is honed with white gold, rose gold or yellow gold and diamonds, depending on the type of coin. A small loop with an engraved compass is attached to each piece of jewelry, thus turning it into a true companion. The backside provides space for the engraving of names or dates.
We are happy to turn your very own coin into a unique piece of jewelry. We live in a world of wonders – we just need to watch out for them.


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