Dew Drops

The Dew Drops Collection by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a breathtaking series of jewelry inspired by the Lotus Collection. This collection captivates with the use of cabochon-cut gemstones crafted into sparkling dewdrops, available as earrings or pendants.
Each cabochon-cut gemstone has been carefully chosen to showcase its unique color and brilliance. The curved teardrop shape enhances the natural beauty of the gemstones and gives them a special allure, as if wearing a glistening dewdrop gently shimmering in the light.
The earrings and pendants of the Dew Drops Collection are true works of art in goldsmithing. The 18-karat gold has been skillfully crafted into delicate leaves and hooks to frame the gemstones and accentuate their beauty. Each piece of jewelry is meticulously crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in an exquisite and luxurious design.
Wearing the earrings or pendants from the Dew Drops Collection will enchant you with their captivating elegance. These pieces of jewelry are an expression of sophistication and style, adding a touch of glamour to your look. They are the perfect complement for any occasion, making you shine.
The Dew Drops Collection by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is an extension of the fascinating Lotus Collection. Immerse yourself in the world of sparkling dewdrops and let yourself be enchanted by their unique charm. These pieces of jewelry pay homage to the beauty of nature and embody timeless elegance.


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