The “Elephant” collection by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen takes us into the majestic world of elephants.
Since his youth, Ole Lynggaard has been fascinated by the grace and impressive movements of these marvelous animals. Over the years, the founder of the brand has developed various elephant designs and was proud to present a collection of naturalistic elephant pendants on the occasion of his 80th birthday in 2016.
Elephants are known worldwide as bringers of luck and symbols of happiness, wisdom, and strength. In many cultures, elephants are considered positive omens that bring luck into people’s lives.
Each elephant pendant in this collection is crafted from precious 750-carat gold and adorned with sparkling white diamonds. Ole Lynggaard places great emphasis on material selection and craftsmanship to express the beauty and elegance of these extraordinary animals.
The Elephant collection stands out for its fine details, vivid representation of elephants, and attention to detail. Each pendant tells a story and symbolizes the strength, wisdom, and beauty of these majestic creatures.
Whether worn as a pendant on a necklace or as a special accent on a bracelet, the Elephant collection adds a touch of elegance and exoticism to any outfit. The elephant pendants are not only an expression of style and sophistication but also a symbol for the preservation of nature and the protection of endangered species.
The Elephant collection by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen invites you to immerse yourself in the world of elephants and experience the timeless beauty of these impressive creatures. Let yourself be captivated by the charm and grace of the Elephant collection and always carry a piece of nature and elegance with you.


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