High Jewellery

LA PREZIOSA High Jewellery collection – elaborate jewelry that makes dreams come true

The term “high jewellery“ stands for exceptional jewelry, mostly unique items or limited editions. The finest gemstones, high-carat diamonds and a masterful design characterize luxurious jewelry at its best.
Our company founder Eusebius Gamper originated the fine jewelry brand LA PREZIOSA with uniquely designed jewelry – each piece one of a kind. Up to the present day, LA PREZIOSA still focuses not only on exceptional collection items but also on skillfully designed, magnificent pieces of jewelry.
We consider the high jewelry collection to be our creative pinnacle: the perfect blend of ouf sense of design and our decade-long expertise as diamond experts.
Designer Hannes Gamper: ”Each gemstone is different and unique. With the high jewelry line particularly exceptional and rare gemstones are set for eternity. These pieces of jewelry are splendid and luxurious – they take center stage and are designed for special occasions.”
Carefully selected rare gemstones, pearls and diamonds are at the heart of our high jewelry collection. These handcrafted items have their very own appeal and mirror the individuality of their wearer.


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