LA PREZIOSA IO collection – contemporary jewelry that mesmerizes

“Io“ is Italian for “I“. This simple word is so much more than just a letter of the alphabet! Our self is our most important companion, to whom this collection is dedicated.
Hannes Gamper, chief designer of LA PREZIOSA, took the two letters I and O that stand for our self and rearranged them as graphical elements.
Our LA PREZIOSA IO collection is dedicated to the uniqueness of our selves. The three-dimensional design mirrors the different dimensions and facets of our personality. The jewelry is delicate and subtle – just like its wearers. The trendy and youthful collection plays with graphical elements in rose gold, yellow gold and diamonds and different surface structures. Both subdued, semi-gloss designs and eye-catching, glossy pieces of jewelry are part of this collection. Fine rings, pendants, bracelets in gold.
How to wear it: The rings are perfect for stacking: combine rings with different surface structures either on a single finger or the fingers of one hand.


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