A reinterpretation of the classic chain, revisited with a bold and elegant touch

The Lucia collection is characterized by the bold and elegant redesign of the chain, composed of elements that come together in an infinite embrace. A tribute to true and unbreakable bonds.
Crafted in 18-carat yellow gold, each link is finely hand-engraved and adorned with diamonds of different sizes. The bulino engraving gives the gold an exceptional brilliance and a silky touch.
Discover the timeless elegance of the Lucia collection and add a touch of refinement to your jewelry collection. Be captivated by the perfect combination of 18-carat yellow gold and diamonds that lend this collection a sophisticated elegance.
Choose the Lucia collection as a symbol of your most precious connections and wear it with pride. Its majesty and craftsmanship make it a unique piece of jewelry, perfect for expressing your individual style.


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