Südtirol festival merano

With the südtirol festival merano . meran, music events in South Tyrol reach their peak annually. The stage is the picturesque and inspiring spa town with its mild, Mediterranean climate.

The südtirol festival merano . meran offers a diverse program with high-quality musical performances: classical, romantic, baroque, contemporary music, jazz, and world music.

The focus of the südtirol festival merano . meran (Merano Music Weeks) is on the grand symphonic concerts featuring significant orchestras, conductors, and soloists from around the world. Through high-quality and profound interpretations, the wonderful world of classical music can be experienced and explored anew.

This year, for example, visitors experienced a unique concert by Anne-Sophie Mutter and her “Virtuosi,” who combined the works of the “Black Mozart” Joseph Bologne with masterpieces from Baroque greats like Bach and Vivaldi. Daniel Hope & Friends transported the audience to the world of Irish ballads and dances at Tirol Castle, blending stylized folk music from the Renaissance and selecting from the extensive Baroque repertoire. You can find the entire program for the festival here.


The Gamper family, passionate supporters of the südtirol festival merano . meran and classical music in general, considered it a matter of the heart to incorporate the festival theme into their store’s decoration in Merano and to invite music lovers to a glass of champagne before the grand opening concert of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra with conductor Daniel Harding and pianistic talent Daniil Trifonov.

Maria Gamper decorated the shop windows with great dedication and creativity.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tiroler Goldschmied (@tirolergoldschmied)


The invitation was met with enthusiastic response, and everyone enjoyed the convivial atmosphere of the gathering. Stimulating discussions about music and jewelry took place, and the Tiroler Goldschmied branch in Meran, located in the magnificent Art Nouveau pavilion in close proximity to the Meran Kurhaus, proved to be the perfect setting for this special gathering.

In festive attire and filled with anticipation, the entire company made their way to the extraordinary concert.




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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tiroler Goldschmied (@tirolergoldschmied)

Hannes Gamper, CEO, jewelry designer, and member of the südtirol festival merano . meran association, constantly finds new inspiration for his jewelry collections in operas and classical music. Among his unique creations, you can already find the enchanting Allegretto, Tosca, and Aida LA PREZIOSA collections, which you may already be familiar with.

If you’re looking for jewelry pieces that are not only exceptionally beautiful but also deeply infused with musical inspiration, you should definitely explore Hannes Gamper’s LA PREZIOSA collections. In each and every jewel, you will feel the artistic dedication and the love for music.


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