Florian Oberhofer – makes the impossible possible

Every month we introduce a team member of Tiroler Goldschmied.

Florian Oberhofer is the head of our atelier and creates the exclusive high-jewellery special designs. As a trained goldsmith, he not only has a passion for his profession, but also for the enchanting Maria Gamper. He has been an important member of our Tyrolean goldsmith family for more than 15 years.






“From developing prototypes to setting gemstones, Florian understands my understanding of shapes down to the smallest detail. My brother-in-law is always at the cutting edge of goldsmithing and strives for perfection. Whether it’s the development of our diamond-studded hawk hoods or the implementation of new technologies, he is constantly questioning his actions to break new ground. I can rely on Florian 100% when it comes to model development. He knows how I think and feel when it comes to shapes,” enthuses jewelry designer Hannes Gamper.

As a passionate hunter, nature lover and aesthete, he follows our hunting jewelry collection with a trained eye.



We asked him a few questions:

What is your trademark?
The challenge of developing something new moves me every day and at the end of the day it makes me happy.

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?
Mastering the varied challenges in the jewelry sector, even when they seem impossible.

Your favorite piece of jewelry is …
Always the current project. I’m currently working on the new Pompei collection.

Why is that?
The new shapes inspire me.

What is your most beautiful or most unusual memory in the course of your work at Tiroler Goldschmied?
Certainly the presentation of our diamond-studded falcon hoods at the world’s largest hunting and falconry fair Adihex in Abu Dhabi.

International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition in Abu Dhabi 22.-25.09.2010


Florian’s loyalty to our family business is strong and he is always open to new entrepreneurial challenges.

Dear Florian, we can count on you and build on you! Thank you very much for that.