Merry Christmas

A new year is like a journey into a yet unknown, alluring country.

Discover it with all your senses!

Take a suitcase full of good health and good fortune as a Christmas gift from us,

the Gamper family and our staff.


Starting the new season with style

Style and Image

In early April Tiroler Goldschmied organized in collaboration with style expert Elisabeth Motsch a 2-day-seminar. The sales team met the coach in the branch of Schenna and got introduced over the weekend into the world of different human types and developed therefore their knowledge as a jewellery-type-consultant. The sales team was particularly coached to define and categorize the different (face)types, to choose and recommend the optimal jewellery to the client. The workshop was mainly about which kind of jewellery pieces different people/types can wear, matching gold colors, structures and jewellery surfaces, also the right proportions, color combinations and styles were contents of the seminar. Of course not to forget: the personality of every individual is decisive, which jewellery suits him or her.

It was really interesting to listen to Mrs. Motsch. She filled us with enthusiasm with her competent way to pass her well founded knowledge. In future we will put her tips and advices to practice in dealing with our costumers. They can now look forward to an even more specific consulting.

Multi-Rings rock!

Enjoy the wonderful trend of today’s fashionistas.

How to

There are no rules. Do as you please! Wear rings on every single finger. Multiple rings look especially good on index, middle and ring fingers. Layer fine rings on one finger or wear your it-pieces on neighboring fingers. Fashionistas love these “stack rings” and showcase a unique piece like a coral, a pearl or a gemstone.

If you combine a supersize ring on your index or ring finger, go easy on your other rings and opt for small and simple designs with your accompanying jewelry.

Mixing rose gold, yellow gold and white gold also allows you to express your unique personality. Unleash your creativity and let your fantasy reign – this season more is more!


“IHM Internationale Handwerksmesse München 2017” – Craft Fair Munich

“IHM Internationale Handwerksmesse München 2017” Craft Fair Munich 08. – 14.03.2017

You will find us on IDM-stand in hall B1, stand n. 103/2 where we present our jewellery from the latest collection.

Opening: 9.30 am – 6 pm

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