Kathrin Mair – the conscientious one

Kathrin Mair Gamper

Every month we introduce a team member of Tiroler Goldschmied.

Kathrin Mair Gamper has been part of our team since 2019. She is married to Thomas Gamper and we were lucky that she joined us with her head and heart.

She manages the warehouse with bravura and precision and is not afraid of new challenges. Her communicative nature and good humor make her a valued colleague and an asset to our team. Kathrin is extremely reliable and responsible. She always completes her tasks on time and with the utmost precision. Her accuracy in managing goods is impressive and she always finds efficient solutions to optimize processes.




We are very happy to have Kathrin as part of our team. Her professionalism, commitment and pleasant personality make her a valuable employee.

We asked her a few questions:

What is your trademark?
Accuracy & conscientiousness

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?
I really enjoy working in warehouse management because I’m almost always the first to get my hands on the new pieces of jewelry from suppliers and, of course, from our atelier. I also enjoy stocking our “virtual” shop window, the online store, with new items.

Your favorite piece of jewelry is …
The Shooting Stars from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen are an every day darling for me.

What is your best or most unusual memory from your work at Tiroler Goldschmied?
I recently had the pleasure of attending Ole Lynggaard’s 60th anniversary in Copenhagen. It was an unforgettable trip, where sparkling jewels, culinary highlights and breathtaking locations made the weekend perfect.

60-Jahrfeier Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen


What are your hobbies?
Surf & Turf, I love the mountains and the sea … I love spending my free time with my family and friends, whether by the sea or in the mountains, mainly outdoors.

Dear Kathrin, we are confident that you will continue to do a great job in the future and successfully support our company.

Thank you very much!