Markus Frühauf – the musical one

Markus Frühauf

Every month we introduce a team member of Tiroler Goldschmied.

Markus Frühauf joined our workshop as a master goldsmith in 2019. Previously, he ran his art nouveau jewelry store Frühauf in Merano, which we have been proud to call one of our Tyrolean goldsmith branches since its reopening in 2019.

Markus is a very skillful goldsmith with all the technical refinements and is up for any new technical challenge. Simply a creative mind!

He can draw on his many years of experience as a master goldsmith and his goldsmith family history of the Frühaufs and processes this experience into the present day.


Markus is a horse lover in his spare time and a fantastic singer, he is the bass voice of his male quintet “Qiunt”. In Markus, we have not only found a great partner and goldsmith, but also a very good personal friend!

We asked him a few questions:

What is your trademark?
I believe in punctuality and reliability.

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?
Mastering the diversity of the goldsmith’s craft and its new techniques.

Your favorite piece of jewelry is …
The Inka collection.

The intense fine gold color fascinates me every time. The braided gold stripes are a nice challenge in terms of craftsmanship.

What is your best or most unusual memory of working at Tiroler Goldschmied?
The nice team spirit and the cozy get-together on our Barcelona trip.

What hobbies do you have?
I’m a big horse lover, and in my free time I ride as often as possible. As a bass voice, I sing passionately in my male quintet “Qiunt”.

Dear Markus, we look forward to working with you and your creative ideas!