Pearly Friends

La Preziosa - Ring

Nothing is more mysterious than a pearl.
Everything you need to know about pearls.

Pearls accompany us for all our life and their sparkle never ceases to mesmerize.

Good to know:
Pearls are all-natural products. Contact with cosmetics, hairspray and perfume makes them lose their luster and thus their soul. Therefore, put on your pearl jewlery last as the ultimate finishing touch.
Storage: Keep your pearls in a softly cushioned jewelry box and do not put them in contact with gemstones because they might scratch your pearls.
Breed: The breeding process is highly complex and labor-intensive. Only about 5 percent of each harvest yields excellent results. The quality of pearls is dependent on Nature’s caprices including water quality, temperature fluctuations, storms and other environmental influences.
Price range: White and golden pearls from the South Seas are most expensive, followed by the dark Tahiti pearl. Akoya cultured pearls come at an attractive price. Freshwater pearls are the perfect choice, if you are on a budget yet do not want to forgo beauty and sophistication in your choice of jewelry.
Quality: Five criteria determine the value of a pearl: the thickness of the nacreous layer, the intensity of the pearl’s luster, and the evenness of its surface, hue and form.