LA PREZIOSA Inka collection – charming jewelry that makes us glow

The Inca people worshipped Inti, their sun god. Incan art and culture focus on the sun. Inti represents the sun’s power, its warmth and light. The sunlight enables plants to grow and animals to thrive.

Hannes Gamper, jewelry designer and CEO of LA PREZIOSA, has always been fascinated with the artistic treasures and the history of ancient cultures like the Incas. While flicking through a book about the renowned South American El Dorado treasure he came across a masterfully crafted raft, made from the finest gold. The craftsmanship of the raft and the charisma of the sun people awakened his curiosity and inspired him to create this superb collection.

Our LA PREZIOSA Inka collection is dedicated to the mysterious, magical power of the sun. A special surface treatment that brings the refined gold to the surface allows the yellow gold of this jewelry to outshine the sun. Fine layers of gold are interwoven as a homage to the craftsmanship of the Incas, who were considered to be great goldsmiths and stonemasons. The jewelry is flexible and bendable like a feather and elegantly clings to the skin of its wearer.

With great pride, Hannes Gamper, the designer of the fine jewellery brand LA PREZIOSA, wins the German Design Award 2024 in the category “Excellent Product Design / Luxury Goods.” for the Inka bracelt.

Read more about the award for outstanding design quality.


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