Fine jewellery brand LA PREZIOSA receives the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2024

With great pride, Hannes Gamper, the designer of the fine jewellery brand LA PREZIOSA, wins the German Design Award 2024 in the category “Excellent Product Design / Luxury Goods.”

The award for outstanding design quality is related to the broad bracelet of its popular INKA-Collection, whose special surface treatment brings the fine gold content of the jewelry to the surface, allowing the pieces to shine in competition with the sun. Finest gold stripes are intricately interwoven, paying homage to the craftsmanship of the Inca, renowned as skilled goldsmiths and stonemasons. The pieces are as flexible as a feather, molding themselves to the wearer’s body.

Hannes Gamper, jewellery designer and CEO of TIROLER GOLDSCHMIED, has always been fascinated by the art treasures and stories of ancient cultures such as the Incas. While leafing through a book about the famous El Dorado treasure in South America, he came across a masterfully crafted raft woven from the finest gold.

The lightness of the raft and the radiance of the Sun People piqued his curiosity and inspired his magnificent INKA collection, which, like all collections of LA PREZIOSA, is designed in the family-owned studio in South Tyrol and crafted in the accompanying workshop. All collections are made from 18-carat recycled gold.

As a trained goldsmith and a studied sculptor, Hannes Gamper continues the work of his father, Eusebius Gamper, the founder of the largest jeweler in South Tyrol, TIROLER GOLDSCHMIED.

The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide and enjoys high regard beyond professional circles. Successfully competing against top-notch competition here is proof of being among the best.

On January 26, 2024, the radiant stage of Ambiente in Frankfurt will be the venue for an outstanding event: the renowned award show of the German Design Award 2024. In this festive setting, an official tribute will be celebrated, duly honoring the outstanding achievements in German design.

Designer Hannes Gamper is looking forward to this event with great anticipation: “The German Design Award is a great award. It celebrates creativity and innovation and I am proud to be part of it. I am looking forward to meeting inspiring personalities and visionary designers at the award ceremony.”