LA PREZIOSA Riff collection – jewelry that reflects the treasures of the seas

There is hardly any place on earth more magial than the underwater realm, a realm that most human beings never get the chance to explore. Vibrant colors, mysterious animals and the sheer power of the oceans have fascinated mankind for centuries and take centerstage in this collection.
With our Riff collection we marvel at the legendary underwater world. As a South Tyrolean i.e. Italian brand we are particularly pleased to honor the natural beauty of our country and celebrate the Mediterranean joie de vivre.
The Sardinian coral is in great demand all over the world. Its cultivation is tightly controlled and its sale is restricted. Its intensity and concolorous hue make the coral from Sardinia even more precious and renowned for its bright, red color and its hardness.
Hannes Gamper has created pieces of jewelry that recreate the movement of the sea and show off the intense red color of the corals. 18-carat white gold and sparkling diamonds highlight the splendor of the corals.
By combining small coral elements Hannes Gamper has created a playful look. The technique reminds us of the movable wooden toys of our childhood that allowed us to rearrange the elongated sticks to form new creations.


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