Silky gloss

Each woman has a mysterious side.

Let’s unveil it and allow it to shine. As the saying goes: “Hair is the window to the soul” – hair has always been the epitome of female beauty. Long hair symbolizes femininity and allure, with Eve coming to mind, who is always depicted with gorgeous, long tresses.

It is a widespread phenomenon that women long for the kind of hair they don’t have. Those with curls wish for straight hair and the other way round. We dye our hair to change its color. Hand on heart – who hasn’t left the hairdresser’s in tears?

Cutting one’s hair may have different reasons, but it is always a symbol of change. The 1920s bob was a first step towards emancipation. Hair has always been important. The way we style and adorn our hair is an expression of who we are – this is the case with jewelry as well.

To adorn oneself is a primeval need. We choose our jewelry with care: It underlines who we are, we consider it a reward and we want it to bring that special sparkle into our lives.

Seductive beauty: LA PREZIOSA pearl jewelry from our in-house Tiroler Goldschmied studio.


The silky gloss of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen designs enhances our radiant beauty.



Trusting each other blindly and listening to our inmost being. Hauntingly beautiful Bouton rings combined with Leaf and Mikado pendants.


Rapunzel would have been delighted with the weaving pattern jewelry by FOPE Gioielli.


Our sisterly union underlined by PESAVENTO’s trendy silver jewelry.



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Trendy jewelry from our jewelry blog by jewellery blogger Manuela Gamper.

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