Wanted! A diamond’s fingerprint

Five criteria to consider when purchasing a diamond

Every woman dreams about a gorgeous brilliant. Brilliants are magic and when selected wisely they are unique like the love of your life. ”There are a few criteria to bear in mind when selecting a brilliant,” reveals Hannes Gamper, CEO and diamond expert at Tiroler Goldschmied. You absolutely want the best quality, because brilliants are not only a wonderful sight but also an investment. It is not only size and color that matter but also a diamond’s clarity, cut and proportions.

The better a diamond’s quality, the more sparkling its fire, the more magical its allure and glamour

Cut: It is up to us to unleash a diamond’s fire. It is the well-proportioned cut that reveals a diamond’s splendor. An expertly done cut with carefully selected panes allows the light to reflect perfectly. Please distinguish between the technical process of cutting and its resulting form. The sky is the limit and form is a matter of personal taste. The round brilliant-cut is an all-time favorite, but emerald cut, drop cut, princess cut, heart cut and marquise cut are also very popular.

Color: Diamonds come in all the colors of the rainbow. However, the best color is the total absence of color. In a truly colorless diamond, light easily penetrates the gemstone and re-emerges in prismatic colors. Capital letters from Z (canary yellow) to D (purest white) are used for the certification of white diamonds. Impurities and structural shifts result in a broad range of natural colors. Varieties include yellow, brown, red, pink, green, blue, and black diamonds. Only when hues are their most intense and colorful the expert refers to the term “fancy color”. Those diamonds are sought-after and rare.

Clarity: A diamond’s characteristics are referred to as its fingerprint, because each diamond is unique. Small inclusions may define the diamond’s clarity and thus are a further criterion for its quality. Sometimes these inclusions can only be detected if magnified by ten times. A diamond’s clarity is measured by degrees and also determines its value. Truly pure diamonds are a rarity and thus very much sought-after.

Carat: The weight of a diamond is measured in carat. One carat equals 200 milligram. This rather peculiar measuring unit dates back to an old unit for weights: the weight of a baobab seed.

Confidence: This fifth “C” is increasingly gaining importance in the face of ongoing discussions about diamonds from conflict areas, tinted stones, and artificially produced gemstones. Purchasing a diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry is a matter of trust and confidence. A lot of experience, impeccable professional training and the good reputation of a jeweler are vital for the purchase of diamonds.

We create dreams – It is a wonderful challenge to include a unique diamond in an exclusive piece of jewelry. Our passion for diamonds and our expertise have led us to create unique showcase jewelry including high-end brilliants at Tiroler Goldschmied. Only a brilliant of truly outstanding beauty symbolizes never-ending love perfectly. We love to assist our customers in finding their perfect jewel.