Engagement rings

Engagement and proposal rings: ready for a great future together

An engagement ring has huge symbolic power: it stands for the promise to get married to each other. Traditionally, handing over the engagement ring is the promise of two lovers to get married in the future. A promise for life, which mirrors the deep love for the partner. We offer the perfect jewelry for the most important question of your life.

Choose the ring of the rings from our different models. Our selection includes traditional, plain solitaire rings and fanciful or modern rings. Solitaire rings are a classic amongst engagement rings. This unique ring model is characterised by a ring band with a single shining brilliant-cut diamond. Solitaire rings are produced form the most varied materials. The most popular versions are in white gold, followed by yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. After the wedding, this diamond ring is often used as a front ring of the wedding ring.

Be inspired by our vast selection. A plain or fancy design set with diamonds, with a personal engraving, a mix of different materials – we definitely have the perfect ring for your love. You can rely on our professional advice when choosing your engagement ring. Visit us in our Stores.


Anelli di fidanzamento

In love, engaged… and soon to be married!

Engagement rings by Tiroler Goldschmied in the South Tyrol

We at Tiroler Goldschmied are experts for both traditional and modern engagement rings. In addition to our very own collection of engagement rings we offer rings by renowned manufacturers. We also craft individually designed engagement rings upon request. Our jewelry is handcrafted in our own studio. Our staff is looking forward to assisting you in finding your perfect engagement ring in our stores. Choose among various models your very own ring of rings. Our selection ranges from traditional, plain solitaire rings to artfully crafted modern ring designs. The solitaire ring may well be considered the classical engagement ring. Its main feature is the single, sparkling diamond in brilliant cut. The solitaire ring can be crafted from various materials with white gold being the most popular, followed by yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. This diamond ring is often worn together with the wedding ring after nuptials.

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Anelli di fidanzamento

Your advantages:

  • a huge selection of both engagement rings and wedding bands in various designs
  • high-end materials and excellent craftsmanship
  • individual, competent and personal consulting
  • outstanding customer reviews

How to find the perfect engagement ring?

Getting engaged is one of the most important decisions in the life of a person. First of all, you need to choose an engagement ring for the proposal. The shape of the ring has to meet the taste of your partner and underline her personality. When selecting the precious metal, you also make a decision on colour, durability and the required care of the engagement ring. Whether white gold, yellow gold or rose gold also depends on the taste and the skin colour of your wife to be. The selection is huge and it is often difficult to make a choice. Here some tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring:

Which ring is suitable?
Pay attention to the comments of your partner when she looks at rings or whenever friends get engaged. Ask her friends for help with regard to style, shape, precious metal, diamond or engraving. The engagement ring should be adapted to the jewelry that your future wife owns already. We gave advice to many couples and helped them to find their perfect choice. With the information you provide, we will surely also find the perfect ring for your partner.

How can I find out the right size of the engagement ring?
The best way to determine the correct ring size is to take an old ring of your fiancé and to measure the inner diameter of the ring. Alternatively, you can of course also bring an old ring to our Store and we will measure it for you.

Determine the ring size:

This is how it works

Are you still unsure about which engagement ring is perfect? You will have to propose yourself, but we are happy to give advice when it comes to choosing the engagement ring.